Mamma Kandeh: Independence signifies electrifying mood for Gambians

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Leader of Gambia Democratic Congress –GDC- one of the parties that contested in the country December 1 2016 presidential elections that saw current President Adama Barrow end former President Yahya Jammeh’s 22-year rule have been campaigning and inspiring Gambians to renew their promises as ready for development as the country celebrates her 53rd Independence anniversary since the gaining of self-rule from the British.

Mamma Kandeh appeared at the McCarthy Square in Banjul on Sunday where he joined the rest of Gambians to celebrate the country’s independence. “The day signifies an electrifying mood and an explosion of joy for Gambians,” Mr. Kandeh, a one-time national assembly member in former President Jammeh’s APRC party said.

He said as Gambia turns 53 since independence, it is important for Gambians to make deep and solemn reflection of the challenges and the progress made so far, saying February 18th 1965 was an incredible day when The Gambia decided to yank itself from its colonial masters to gain self-independence. “This is a day to celebrate, remember, and give thanks and to re-commit ourselves to a new path moving forward as a nation. This day is a day to commemorate our distinguished heroes who selflessly led the effort to have our destiny determined by us,” he said.

Mr. Kandeh said Gambians are able to maintain peace and tranquility and such has been “our” greatest accomplishment since independence. “We had bumps and hiccups of coups and counter coups but the peace has always been maintained and we pray that it remain like that forever.”

Author: Modou Cham