Mama Africa Band to Revive Traditional Music

Friday, August 17, 2018

Jali Musa Jobarteh, lead vocalist of Mama Africa Band has reveled that the band is set to revive culture through traditional music across the country.

He told The Point Entertainment and Lifestyle that: “We have lots of students in our compound learning traditional music and African style of griot, because we want to keep legacy of culture in the future

Waagan Fye, co-founder, the Open Mic Festival said traditional music is not getting the attention of the younger generation.

He explained that the new schools have been infusing it into their sound for a local touch but the bridge between the traditional and the urban has not been fully erected. 

But Jobarteh insisted that he is determine to revive traditional music in The Gambia, as he has plan to train and mentor young talents on traditional music genre.

“I am ready in 2019 to tour the country to sensitize young people about the importance of traditional music and the need to cherish it,” he said.