Malnutrition should be collectively combated

Friday, May 11, 2018

Fighting malnutrition is serious business and requires collaborative efforts to ensure a world malnutrition free.

In The Gambia, a lot of progress has been made, thanks to the lead role by the National Nutrition Agency (NaNA) and its formidable partners such as; World Bank, Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO), European Union and all the other UN partners for their unreserved collaboration.

However, notwithstanding, more and more efforts are still required because fighting malnutrition is a crusade and we must not turn our backs in the fight.  

The FAO’s country representative has acknowledged that progress has been made to reduce all forms of malnutrition, but it is still insufficient because it still claims the lives of millions of people and robs millions more of a dignified life Gambians included.

Even though improvements have been recorded, infant mortality remains high in the country.

NaNA as an agency of Ministry of Health and Social Welfare with their developmental partners have done a lot, however, more concerted efforts need be done. More focus should be centred on preventive services and the promotion of child and young feeding programmes to minimize the menace.

Tackling malnutrition is not a combat limited to Health Ministry and its partners. Everyone has a role to play in the course. Babies should be uninterruptedly breastfed for 6 months as recommended by the WHO.

The government should double its efforts and put strong reinforcement interventions with the aim of improving nutritional status of the people. 

Healthy nation is a wealthy nation they say, the government should put mechanisms to tackle all and emerging nutritional-related diseases.

“Micro-nutrients deficiencies have profound negative implications for child and maternal health.

‘Unfortunately, they often go unnoticed for a long time in individuals before symptoms become apparent. Achieving nutrients full impact on health and development outcomes requires joint and coordinated effort.”

“Tackling malnutrition is not a combat limited to Health Ministry and its partners. Everyone has a role to play in the course.”
Health Ministry