Malick Fama Foundation gives food aids to Prison Services

Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Malick Fama Foundation of Captain Jobe and his wife last Friday donated 20 bags of rice, 31 boxes of tea, 12 tins of Coffee, 3 cups of butter and 1 carton of dates to inmates at the Mile 2 State Central Prison in Banjul. The gesture is part of the foundation Ramadan package.

Ramadan is described as a month of caring and sharing among Muslims especially to the poor and needy in return for Allah’s bounty and reward.

Receiving the items, Lamin Sanneh, the director of administration at the State Central Prison, said the donated items would go a long way in supporting their feeding programme. He said it is not easy to feed inmates as they are humans and therefore they need proper balance diet.

Mr. Sanneh said the government is on the reform process to remove harsh laws, which he said, the Prison Services is not an exception.  “Some of the laws have landed some people in jail cheaply. Inmates are not bad people. We are trying to use here to rehabilitate and transform the inmates to become reproductive in society.” 

He said Prison Services is also reforming in the area of human rights and other laws that will facilitate their work, saying people should understand that Prison Services gives hope to the inmates and teach them on life skills that can help them to become better people in the future.

Former chief of defense staff, Lang Tombong Tamba thanked Captain Jobe and wife for what he described as “noble” gesture by setting up a foundation to help the needy and less privileged people.

He acknowledged that helping inmates in the month of Ramadan is noble, saying himself was once an inmate, and so he knows the importance of rendering help to such people.

Author: Rose Zahra Gomez