Make a brighter future for Gambian youth

Thursday, January 18, 2018

It is good reading the report of a strategically placed youth leader calling on government, the public and private sector players in the country to give a serious leg up to youth of the nation.

Members of the Gambia Youth Chamber of Commerce (GYCC), in their ongoing week-long first-ever regional youth exhibition, underway in North Bank Region of Farafenni have made a strong and passionate call on government and other stakeholders such as the private sector to realise the youth demographic dividend by investing in the empowerment and education of young people.

The GYCC chief executive officer has advanced some fundamental reasons why such support must be given to the youth, considering the fact that more than 64% of the population of The Gambia comprises youth, with about 38% of them unemployed.

This nagging statistics of our progress in youth development calls for some serious and calculative action and plans to turn such a worrying situation around.

We are therefore adding our voice to this call for a rethink and course of action towards investing more in empowering the youth, especially in the direction outlined by the CEO of the GYCC, which is: creating public entrepreneurship space, preparing, developing, nurturing and supporting the establishment of functional youth-led micro enterprises and creation of employment opportunities across the country.

In other words, the youth are calling for entrepreneurship promotion, as there are hundreds of thousands of them who are potential entrepreneurs and can contribute substantially to the growth and development of the country through such enterprising drive in order to transform the economy of The Gambia, create more employment and alleviate poverty and hardship in the country.

Furthermore, giving the youth the opportunity and upper hand to become successful entrepreneurs now and in the future, would contribute massively to not only to the country’s economic growth but also to curbing the fatal greener pasture dream and mass exodus of the youth to Europe via the dangerous Mediterranean Sea route, otherwise referred to as ‘The Back-way’.

As a nation, government and stakeholders in national development, let’s place strong focus and give substantial support to meeting the entrepreneurship aspirations and development drive of our youth, as the GYCC continues to call for such line of direction from the government and the private sector.

It is a course of action, which when taken and implemented properly, can only be of great help to our national economy and human development; nothing less. So let’s do the right thing to chart a brighter future for our youth in The Gambia.

“The youth is the hope of our future.”

Jose Rizal