Majmou’atu Rawdatil Majalis calls on SIC to organise new election

Monday, March 11, 2019

The executive and members of the Majmou’atu Rawdatil Majalis has made a clarion call on The Gambia Supreme Islamic Council (SIC) to conduct a new election which will enable the Gambia Muslim community to select and vote for new executive members of the council hence the term of the present SIC executive members expired since two or three months ago.

Baaba Abubacarr Drammeh, president alongside other executive members of Rawdatil Majalis made this call during an organised press conference held Wednesday at their secretariat located at Ambusi Junction along Brikama Highway Tabokoto.

He explained that SIC is an organisation setup by the entire Muslim community of The Gambia over two decades ago “but in recent time we have seen certain phenomenon and unpalatable things that need to be changed.”

What he pointed out among these things is the term of office of the SIC executive members which has expired over two or three months ago and yet “no word of when election will be held to select or reelect new leadership and executive members for their positions.”

He urged the SIC to organise a participatory election whereby all the imam ratibs in the country will be included in the election process so that there can be a transparent, fair and just election for the Muslim community rather than selecting a handful of people to elect the executive.

The president of Rawdi Majlis stated that Supreme Islamic Council is established to care and serve the Muslim interests and make entire Gambia Muslims voice to be heard not just a few. Drammeh emphasised that executive members should not select behind back door but should be in a well conducted open atmosphere that all Muslim community will come and participate while member of the IEC should be encouraged to come and witness the process.

PRO, Abubakar Jabbie and other executive of Majmou’atu Rawdatil Majalis highlighted the significant role imams are playing in promoting and propagating Islam in the country; thus the reason why he is calling on the current expired council executive members to include them in the council’s voting process.

Author: Yunus S Saliu