Majmou’ Atu Rawdatil Majaalis commits to teaching Islamic values

Monday, March 05, 2018

Members of Majmou’Atu Rawdatil Majaalis The Gambia, the umbrella body of all local Majaalis (centers for learning Qur’an) have expressed their resolve in the propagation and teaching of Gambia’s Muslim Ummah on core Islamic values.

At a religious gathering at Sanchaba Sulay Jobe last Wednesday, the association’s secretary General Foday Mahmud Touray said the association is already replicated in other West African countries designed to reinforce unification and to redirect the focus of members from involving in divisive controversies based on tribalism and other negative vices.

He said the idea to form the association was conceived by their youth through various forums, adding that the association needs to be supported, considering the importance of young people in the society.

Mr. Touray said the move is in furtherance of the roles played by respected traditional Islamic scholars in propagating Islam and righteous teachings in local communities both past and present.

The formation of this association, he went on, will also serve as a coordinated platform that will facilitate channels of communication with the government and communities in the advancement of Islamic religion in The Gambia.

Abubacar Jabbie, public relations officer of the association said they target to instill discipline and respect in Gambian children, saying they also seek to foster solidarity and tolerance under the umbrella of peace and tranquility.

Jabbie called on members to be steadfast in the teachings and promotion of the association’s ideals, saying they have a vision and mission to propagate Islamic values in the country.

“We also aim to nurture and strengthen relationship among people, respect and empower women to be able to fulfill their role in society, support the needy local centers of learning and Majaalis.” 

Author: Sheriff Janko