Majanko Samusa calls for majority leader’s impeachment

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Nominated Lawmaker Majanko Samusa has called on the impeachment of the majority leader and member for Kombo South, Kebba K. Touray for violating the Standing Order and misleading the public.

The majority leader on Monday read out a resolution at the end of an All-Party Caucus attended by 31 legislators of the National Assembly which claimed they were not in agreement with the revocation of the nomination of Ya Kumba Jaiteh.

However, Majanko, veteran politician and having served in both the previous governments in the parliament said the majority leader did not follow the Standing Order and he misled the public with the information shared describing it as “partisan.”

He said members of the National Assembly have always had cordial and “very good rapport among parliamentarians” since they came to parliament in 2017 until now when partisanship is showing its ugly head, citing the resolution as an example.

“The issue raised here by the majority leader; it is partisan. The Parliament should run by non-partisan. The interest of the nation is more important as endorsed by Coalition 2016.

“The issue cannot be partisan because the person sacked is from United Democratic Party (UDP). How will the other people feel,” he enquired.

And you come up with an issue that is fake; you misled the nation as what people expected from him.

“In fact there should be an impeachment; he should be impeached before we get to the president because he misled, he violated the Standing Order.

“As a member and leader of the National Convention Party and a legislative member of Coalition 2016, I am really saddened; we were going in harmony in this august house.”

Hon. Samusa questioned the impartiality of the majority leader, saying other people have been sacked by the Barrow led government including Omar Jallow alias O.J. and former vice president, Fatoumatta Jallow-Tambajang who were instrumental in the formation of Coalition 2016, yet he (majority leader) took no action.

He described the utterance of the majority leader after the All-Party Caucus and the resolution process as unfortunate, citing its lack of due process which he claimed is motivated by partisanship.

Member for Niamina West Demba Sowe threatened to sue the Majority Leader for the inclusion of his name to the list of 31 Honourables, claiming he is not a party to the so-called resolution. He said the president after all has the power to hire and fire.

Author: Sankulleh Gibril Janko