Mai: GMC will support Barrow, NDP

Friday, January 04, 2019

Mai Ahmed Fatty, the newly appointed adviser to the president has pointed that The Gambia Moral Congress (GMC) will support President Barrow for him to achieve his national development goals.

He added that his party will also support the National Development Plan (NDP) – a blue print that contains the thinking of Gambians from concept stage during his stellar tenure as minister of the Interior.

“Therefore, strengthening all mechanisms that would achieve the success of a document we helped create over a year ago, would be our priority and I urge all GMC supporters and Gambians in general to take ownership of the NDP and participate in its implementation,” he said.

“Consequently, we will stand fully with President Barrow and his government in efforts to fulfill the goals of the NDP, with maximum commitment and seriousness.”

He made these remarks recently in his Facebook page, adding that the future of The Gambia is very promising.

He said we must all collectively join hearts and hands to consolidate our democratic gains and ensure that never again; would one person be in the condition to subjugate an entire nation on its knees.

Democracy, liberty and the pursuit of opportunity, he said, are here to stay. He added that personal success should be at the behest of any Gambian who is willing to work hard for it.

“We at GMC, as the fastest growing political party, believe the destiny of this country is in our hands. We will not be derailed, distracted or diminished in our aspirations.”

“Equally, we will not subdue to any pressure intended to deny us the opportunity to collaborate with our government to serve the collective will. We will serve our country with honesty and sincerity to do justice and honour to all manner of people, regardless of ethnicity, political inclinations, gender or other characterisation,” he lamented.

He urged all Gambians to do the same, saying if one person in authority fails, we all fail. “If we work together for our national interests, we all succeed together.”

Author: Pa Modou Cham
Source: Picture: Mai Ahmad Fatty