Magistrate says burglary is rampant

Wednesday, January 02, 2019

Magistrate Joof of the Kanifing Magistrates’ Court has said that burglary is rampant as he delivered a judgment and convicted one Alagie Njie, who was charged with burglary and stealing.

He stated that burglars cause havoc to people and do not give them a peace of mind.

He made these statements when he sentenced the convict to a fine of D20, 000 in default to serve two years imprisonment on count one, and on count two, he also sentenced the convict to a fine of D20, 000 in default to serve two years in prison. Both sentences would run concurrently.

The magistrate ordered that the convict should also pay a compensation of D313, 000 to the complainant, Sukai Mbye-Bojang, in default to serve one year imprisonment which would run consecutively. This followed the convict’s own plea of guilt.

The convict, Alagie Njie, was charged with stealing the following items: one 60 inches screen TV valued at D39,000, a 13” Mac Book air laptop valued at D81,000, an I Phone 75 mobile valued at D13,000, two Apple I pad version 10.3.3 valued at D110,000,three pairs of 22kt gold earrings valued at D20,000, two 22kt gold bracelets valued at D15,000, two gold finger rings valued at D10,000, two short 22kt gold chains with lockets valued at D20,000, one locally made finger ring with gold studs valued at D3,000 and one locally made silver bangle valued at D2,000, totaling D313,000, the property of  Sukai Mbye-Bojang.

Prosecutor Sergeant 2118 Gomez, who presented the indictment bill before the court, in narrating the facts, told the court that the theft happened on the 24th October, 2017, at Kololi, around 5 a.m. when the complainant and her watchman were sleeping.  He said that when she woke up, she found her kitchen door opened, noting that she went to the CCTV and saw the convict and another man. He adduced further that she realized that the items mentioned were all missing and she reported the matter to the authorities.

Prosecutor Gomez went on to say that the Anti Crime Unit later arrested the convict and showed him the video of the CCTV, and he confessed that he was the very one with another man in the video. The convict was then asked whether the facts narrated by the prosecutor were true and he answered in the affirmative.

At this juncture, the prosecutor applied to tender a flash drive into which the video was transferred from the CCTV. The convict was asked whether he had any objection and he answered in the negative. The said flash drive was admitted.

In his mitigation, the convict told the court that he lived with his blind mother and they were renting a house for D450. He said that he was the one who was paying the rent and struggling to take care of his mother. He further stated that while he was detained at the police, he was not having regular meals and did not know whether his mother had something to eat while in detention. He disclosed that he lost his father and urged the court to temper justice with mercy.

At this juncture, Sergeant 2118 Gomez applied under Section 145 of the CPC and Section 31 of the CC for the convict to compensate the complainant, who is still crying, for the loss of her property valued at D313,000.

Author: Dawda Faye