Madina Sediyi gets new water tank, rice donation

Thursday, November 22, 2018

(Wednesday 21st November 2018 Issue)

Madhi Kutub Khand; a United Kingdom based charity on Saturday handed over its sponsored water borehole project to the community of Madina Sediyi village in the North Bank Region. The charity also donated 150 bags of rice and second hand clothing to each household in the community.

Yusupha Darboe a native of the village said, the charity has addressed a serious situation they were facing, which was access to safe and clean drinking water for many years. “We have only one tap but since 2014, Madhi Kutub Khand charity have been helping us.

He thanked the charity for turning their only functioning well into borehole and appealed to the government to help them expand the pipe within the  village to enable them access to safe and clean drinking water.

Moosa Patels, a member of the charity said their reason for providing the assistance to Madina Sediyi is because they have been encountering difficulty to access water.  “We felt that the village needed more help particularly access to water and food.” 

Mr. Patels said they have been in charity services for the past eleven years, providing assistance to different Gambian communities.

Bainta Borjang, also a native of the community thanked the donors for the assistance, saying they have been suffering to access water, saying they used to travel to nearby communities to fetch water for their domestic work and  animals drinking. “But now, we are very happy and grateful to Madhi Kutub Khand for the wonderful help they gave to our village.”

Author: Sanna Jallow