Maa Foundation for Women supports Banjul fishmongers

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Fish mongers association in Banjul have received a donation of protective gloves, washing buckets, net feel tables and detergents from Maa Foundation for Women (MFW); an organisation established last year to promote women and youth involvement in agriculture and fisheries through capacity building and training to enhance value addition to their products.

President of the Foundation, Fatoumatta Jawara-Dukureh said the donation was gear towards complementing the beneficiaries’ effort in their daily engagement. “I have been visiting the women at their workplaces and understand how committed they are. I felt it is significant to support them to minimise some of the top challenges they are encountering.”

She thanked the fisheries ministry through its department for the collaboration and support in ensuring that the gesture is possible. “MFW is working towards eradicating the challenges that women are encountering. We have contacted a plumber to provide two taps for them as there is no water and toilet facility around the area.”

Mrs. Jawara-Dukureh affirmed her Foundation’s readiness to support Gambian women particularly those involved in agriculture to realise their potential, adding that the Foundation those not only limit its activities to agriculture but will support any crusade that is geared towards complementing effort of women and youth.”

She said since the establishment of the Foundation, they have registered tremendous achievement in supporting women vegetables gardens and helping communities to access clean and portable drinking water.

Ajaratou Maimuna Sonko also commended the donor for the support, saying the lack of toilet facility and taps were top challenges of the problem affecting them. “We always send people to fetch water for us at the Banjul market and pay them D10 and if we want to use the toilet too, we have to go to the market.”

Njoba Jobe, spokesperson of the fish mongers association and Sanu Njie both called for support to the fishmongers. “It is always difficult for us to sell here especially during rainy season when water would stop us from doing our work,” Mrs. Jobe said.

Author: Momodou Jawo