LRR Governor opens Pearl millet trial data analysis, culinary Seminar

Monday, March 05, 2018

Governor of Lower River Region Fanta Samateh-Manneh last Wednesday presided over the official opening of a three-day pearl millet trial data analysis and culinary (palatability test) seminar for seven pearl millet varieties.

Fifty participants from Gambia’s upper, lower, north bank and West Coast regions participated in the seminar at Jappineh Health center in Jarra Central on the theme: Reducing micro nutrition deficiencies of women and children in The Gambia through sustainable and integrated approaches to food fortification.

Governor Samateh-Manneh noted in her opening statement that one very important component of the project is to train and inform farmers and commercial multipliers of the benefits of Pearl millet as a high iron and zinc food. She added the action will lay a scale up approach to encourage women production.

She said during the last cropping season, United Purpose and partners engaged 20 carefully selected farmers in the 5 regions of the country to conduct pearl millet trials on 7 varieties which, she said has been rated successful.

According to her, the seminar involves the process of Pearl millet trial data analysis and culinary (palatability test) test for mother trials for the seven pearl millet varieties conducted by six United Purpose partners and their selected farmers across the country.

Dr. Eva Weltzien, the project consultant said the objectives of the training is to finalise harvest evaluation of new millet varieties, learn procedure to evaluate cooking and taste properties of millet varieties and to learn procedure to prepare whole grain flour of millet and use for economical  porridge.

Author: Abdoulie Nyockeh