Lotto Gaming pays over D350,000 to jackpot winners

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Lotto Gaming Gambia Limited, the fastest growing lottery company in The Gambia, on Saturday paid D380,000 to two lucky winners of four jackpots.

The jackpot raffles, held on 22 October, were won by one Astou Mboob and Clement Ilchine, a Gambia-based Nigerian businessman.  Each of them won two raffles and the amount for each jackpot was D95,000. 

The management of Lotto Gaming, through its chief executive officer, also presented D10,000 cash to Jalimadi, a famous Gambian artist, as part of efforts to encourage him and other Gambian artists to better perform their roles, especially in the promotion of Lotto Gaming.

The jackpot presentation held at GRTS during the ‘Extra Touch’ program – sponsored by Lotto Gaming – was well attended by people from different walks of life.

Speaking on the occasion, Kaddy Mbinko Jammeh, senior marketing manager of Lotto Gaming attached to Banjul, said the company, for the first time, paid customers in cheque, not cash because “it was not safe at that time of the night to be carrying cash to GRTS to pay the customers”.

She said the reason for making a live presentation on the television was to let people know that the process was transparent as well as to encourage more people to patronise Lotto Gaming.

Madam Jammeh said all that Lotto Gaming wants is customer satisfaction and confidence.

“We always want visibility because we want customers to see for themselves and have more confidence in dealing with Lotto Gaming,” she said.

The senior marketing manager said Lotto Gaming’s interventions in The Gambia include providing support to hospitals, education sector, etc.

She said their support to Jalimadi, who sings a song for Lotto Gaming, was part of efforts by the company to encourage Gambian artists.

Jammeh said the company had also provided D100,000 and 100 T-Shirt to Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital in Banjul to organise fundraising show the proceeds of which will be ploughed back to support the hospital.

“Lotto Gaming is not only out to make profit but to contribute to the nation building as this country belongs to all of us,” the senior marketing manager said.

Source: Picture: Lotto Gaming CEO Alagie Ngum