Lixen Khan returns home from European Tour

Friday, October 27, 2017

Lixen Khan alias the Golden Voice, a Gambian Reggae dancehall artist has returned home after a three month musical tour of Europe.

The tour started in Netherlands where the reggae artists from the Frontline Army in The Gambia attended classes on vocal techniques at Lana Wolf Vocal Techniques Institute funded by his Dutch Family based in The Netherlands.

 Back home in Gambia, he has been very active musically over the past years. He played in major festivals in The Gambia annual Open Mic Festival, Reggae Kunda Festival and many other concerts.

Lixen told The Voice Vibes that after the classes he went to Germany where he performed in Benjahmin Extended Play (EP) title Jah Over in Hamburg with DJ Pisces.

 He added that from there, he travelled to Vienna Austria where he performed in the 5th edition of Flag Flow High Senegambia, the biggest platform promoting Senegambian artists in Europe.

 According to him, though he was the first artist to perform on stage, the band master and his fellow artistes recommended his performances as the ‘best’.

 “I want to bring people together; I want to talk on behalf of the people as I see music as very good tool to spread Jah message and positivity,” he said.

 Some of his hit songs are “I wish Mama”, “Never blame the youth”, “Unification”, “Pretty Girl”, and “Party Turn up”.

Lixen noted that he plans to release a Extended Play (EP) in future to give the audience a taste of his music.

 Fab Colley, manager of Flag Flow High Senegambia said Lixen came on as at the 2016 Flag Flow High Senegambia Annual Event as a surprise artist.

According to him, he took many by surprise by delivering an outstanding performance although he was not even known by many in the audience.

 He explained that after the show he was recommended by the band Master as an artist with great potential. He also added that if he was given the right support and guidance he could become a big star.

He added that again that he was the first home based artist to ever perform a Flag Flow High Senegambia 2017 where he demonstrated a superb performance stronger than that of the previous year.

“He was the first artist to touch the stage that night alongside big names like Rebellion There caller, Sun Sooley, Sista Awa, Graduate aka Sam George, Deejay Limbo, Top Gun aka Bakary Marong and King Pata. His performance was above par excellence according the his fellow artistes and the spectators, which ignited the fire in the club that the artist that came after him could do nothing but to deliver up to expectation which they all implemented successfully,” the Vienna based Gambian promoter said. “So for that being the case this artist needs recognition, support and love.

 He deserves to be in any major shows in the Gambia because he has achieved a lot which earned him a place in any big event anywhere.

“We should encourage artists like this to prevent our talented artistes from absconding while in Europe,” he pointed out.

 He urged all radio presenters, promoters label or record companies and newspaper companies to give this Lixen the prominence and exposure he deserves.

Author: Njie Baldeh