Livestock farmers highlight challenges in cattle rearing

Friday, August 23, 2019

Livestock farmers in the country have highlighted some of the challenges facing the development of the sector and called on the government, through the Ministry of Agriculture to pay equal attention to their plight.

The farmers were speaking during their meeting with the Minister of Agriculture, who was on her nationwide tour to agric extension workers, farmers and livestock dealers to know their challenges and constraints.

At the meeting, Amie Fabureh, Minister of Agriculture revealed that she had heard of all the challenges faced by the farmers in most of the regions, and promised to work with her technicians on how to resolve some of those challenges faced by farmers before the start of next year’s green season.

Maimuna Baldeh, a livestock farmer in Giroba, URR said they have numerous challenges towards the development of livestock farming in the area, noting that one of their biggest challenges has to do with cattle disease.

“Most of our cattle died as a result of cattle disease. We want the ministry to help us with agriculture extension workers such as the veterinarian who would be here to look after our cattle,”

According to her, they sometimes hired a veterinarian all the way from Senegal to come and help them during disease outbreak before all their cattle died.

Another problem, she highlighted has to do with lack of space, food, and water to feed their livestock.

Abdou Jallow, another livestock farmer called on government to reduce the tax imposed on livestock business, noting that the high amount of tax levied on them is making them suffer.

Ebrima Jallow, director of Livestock at the Ministry of Agriculture said they that as a Ministry was aware and heard all the challenges of livestock farming, but was quick to inform farmers that waiting on government assistance would not solve all their problems.

He told the farmers to try and manage some of the resources and projects given to them from their partners, adding that government cannot solve all those problems, thus the need for collaboration of farmers.

Author: Arfang M.S. Camara