Little Acorns School holds 5th graduation

Thursday, August 02, 2018

Little Acorns recently held its 5th graduation and prize giving ceremony at a ceremony held at the school premises in Fajara. Founded in 2010 by Mr and Mrs Peter, Little Acorns has over the years witnessed remarkable growth in both its academic and pupils population.

The graduation was held for the pre-nursery and nursery pupils.

Addressing the gathering, Mr Mike, headmaster of Little Acorns, said the school over the years continues to make changes in the lives of children because the teachers in Little Acorns are hardworking.

He assured parents that little Acorns was the right place for their children, while at the same time acknowledging the tireless effort of the teachers towards the pupils.

 The proprietor of the school, Mr. Simon Peter, recalled that the school started with only daycare but now has developed introducing Nursery and primary schools.

He announced that Little Acorns was part of the best schools in the spelling Bee competition in The Gambia and also in English.

He outlined the need for children to be developed in the area of Mathematics, adding that on that, they would be introducing UCSMAS curriculum in the next academic session

UCSMAS, he believes would help boost children’s ego to have confidence to face the challenges in mathematics, concentrate, and have creative thinking and many more. He also advised parents to invest wisely in their children, and to take care of them.

The director of the school presented certificates to the graduating pupils.

Author: Awa Ndiaye