Liberians in Gambia celebrate President Weah’s inauguration

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Liberian community in The Gambia Monday celebrated the swearing in and inauguration of their country’s newly elected President George M. Weah at the Manjai mini-stadium.

The former footballer replaces the West African state’s former president and the first African elected female President Ellen Johnson Shirleaf who also appeared at Monday’s ceremony at the fully-packed Samuel Kanyon Doe Stadium in the country’s capital, Monrovia.

Mr. Weah was the only African footballer to have won the prestigious Ballon D’Or. He led the first round of the December polls but ran short of the majority to win.

“This day is historic and every Liberian must learn to appreciate their little beginnings no matter how little they may be because appreciating your little beginnings is evidence that greater things are coming,” Thong Mikel Howard, guest speaker of the event said.

He said president Weah’s life is a classic example that every individual face different situations, choices, chances and changes. “You must make a choice to take the chance if you want your life to change,” he cited.

Mr. Howard said President Weah comes from the slums and people called him names and when he wanted to be president in the early years people laughed at him because he was uneducated.

Weah went back to school and worked hard and today he is the president of Liberia with a master’s degree.

He described the day as “dawning” of a new day in the history of one of the oldest African countries, saying Liberia is 107 years old and the people are still poor with nothing to show.

Mr. Howard expressed how frustrating it is for every Liberian to have come from one of the oldest countries in the African continent yet having nothing to show-off and “worse of all is that the country is divided. He argued that Liberia should have set standards for other countries to emulate.

He also challenged the new government to uphold the doctrines of the constitution and use it as a guide to serve every Liberian. “The president must serve every one irrespective of his religion, social status and political beliefs but the constitution must be there to respect and protect every single Liberian at all levels” Howard said. He challenged the new government to fight corruption and consider it the number one enemy hence the former president publicly admitted to have failed in her fight against the menace.

Chairman of the Liberian Community in The Gambia Hamilton Hammer said the day was a joy for all Liberians and they must all work together for a better Liberia.

Author: Sankulleh Gibril Janko