LGG Ltd CEO Condemn open football betting in the streets

Friday, January 25, 2019

The Chief Executive  Officer Lotto Gaming Gambia limited LGGC Mr. Alhagi Ngum has raised  great concern over the way and manner in which children below age  of 18years participating in football betting which is alarming.

He said this is a cause for concern and as business operators they should not entertain this kind of exploitation as it against the license act.

According to Mr. Ngum last year Director of license at GTBoard gave an order condemning betting operators not to  place their tables in the streets, and the order was obey, until recently certain companies name (withheld) started spreading tables  everywhere in the streets, which is not fair . “We need transparency and equal justices as we are all operators in the business industry, he stressed.

According to Mr. Ngum football betting and Casino should be well control and should not be play outside but into a shop to better control the children from playing it.

Mr. Ngum went on to expressed great concern and  disappointment over the way in which  certain companies outlets spread ,placing their tables  everywhere in the streets, without putting any security in place to control the children from playing the betting.

According to Mr. Ngum this was one of the reasons that led to the closure of the Gaming companies by the former regime under the dictatorship of Ex- president Yahya Jammeh.

He therefore said as patriotic and good business operators should not accept this to repeat , we should ensure that the welfare of our children are on top of our  agenda but not only to look for  profit making

“As genuine Gambian business operator i wish to recommend that the participation of children below age in football betting and Casino should be control and condemned” he added.

Mr. Ngum , reiterated his readiness to raise this issues at any level to make sure that companies name (withheld ) that are in the habit of tarnishing the image of their competitors by spreading  tables  avoid exploitation of  our children.

“While alleging that many of his competitors are aware of the implication of children participation in football betting and Casino but are only after their interest in getting fast money”.

Mr. Ngum further emphasised that football betting and Casino should be held into shop but not outside as many companies did not have enough security to control the children.

Mr. Ngum concluded by recommending that the Director of license at  GTBoard to look into this issues which is a cause for concern particularly to the Child protection Alliance  as far as football betting is concern.

He further challenge the Director of License under GTBoard which are the agent responsible for issuing of licences to endeavour to regulate this issue with those Companies name (withheld ) that want to tarnish the image of others competitors in the markets.