LG holds grand opening promotion with special discount

Thursday, January 04, 2018

MFH Group, a holding company that acts as a distributor for a number of international consumer products and services including LG Electronics, last Friday rebranded its LG Showroom along Kairaba Avenue.

The MFH Group consists of 4 divisions, which includes Banjul Pharmacy, Sunu Kerr, King Food and LG Electronics respectively.

Speaking at journalists at the opening grand showroom Kebba M.I. Gaye head of corporate investment ECOBANK Gambia Limited said his first impression when he entered the showroom was that it was awesome. “I think LG has done a wonderful job in the country and this brand is just wonderful and I am again very proud of LG,” he said. He encouraged Gambians to be buying LG products to ensure durability and sustainability.

For his part The Gambia Chamber of Commerce & Industry, GCCI, Chief Executive Officer, Alieu Secka who was present at the newly rebranded showroom said he was very impressed, because the presentations show that there is more and more confidence in the country’s economy. “More entrepreneurs are willing to venture and be more daring, maybe we would have been hesitant in the past, because there is more air of stability and confident now. There is no fear for investment,” he said. “This also shows that businesses have to be dynamic. LG has totally represented the showroom with some new products at discounted prices. I hope many consumers will come to patronize them,” he added.

Edward Ekwale Administrator MFH Group head office Manjai Kunda said the grand opening of the rebranded showroom will allow the free flow of people. He said LG is one of the biggest electronic brands in the world, and operates in 24 other countries in Africa and in all these countries they have repairs for their products.

Also speaking, lawyer Sheriff Marie Tambedou said LG products are not only nice but also reliable. “They have the latest Smart TVs and Refrigerators. I am especially very impressed with the TV’s. I only used LG products because I like LG and my experience with them is just memorable,: he concluded. 

Also speaking to journalists at the newly rebranded showroom, the managing director MFH Group, Fady Hocheimy said MFH Group has been the sole distributor for LG since 1991. “Since then, we have always aimed to innovate with new products, new showrooms and new services.

Today we are actually celebrating the rebranding of our current showroom. This is our new showroom in Kairaba Avenue. I hope people like it. We love it. It has a totally new look with new products that nobody has seen before,” he said.

On his relationship with The Gambia, Mr Hocheimy said he is a Gambian himself. Our family has been here for generations; my great ancestors came to Gambia in 1910.

“The company itself started from very humble beginnings in 1970 as a pharmacy in Wellington Street, Banjul and since then has seen great growth.  “Today we have 200 employees and nine outlets with our headquarters in Manjai Kunda.

On what makes LG unique, he said LG is unique because of durable and innovative products. “LG products are unbeatable, in terms of quality, durability and innovation. He continued that LG is unique in the after sales service they offer, “we are not here just to sell products…we are here to sell an experience. If you have an issue with your product, there should be a service department dedicated to address your problem, whether small or big.  Our staff are very dedicated; they are always ready to serve and offer solutions to customer. Life’s Good with LG. Please come and experience it with us,” he said.

On his expectation on the new Gambia, Mr Hocheimy said he always knew Gambia was going to be fine. “I think the new Gambia will open the door for more competition; everybody will have a level-playing field to come and open businesses and compete and that is healthy; it makes everybody work harder and is beneficial to customers”.

The GTM manager, who takes care of all the functions relating to showroom management in LG Electronics West Africa, Mr. Gorgi Dione said, with LG showrooms there are three promises: very friendly environment, make sure that all lineups on display are aligned with worldwide standards, and to ensure that there are no worries about the products you buy due to lack if spare parts. He said when it comes to professionalism, the way they handle their custumers is second to none. He added that their decision to showcase to Gambians their fifth generation TV is a clear manifestation that they are trying to reach out to as many countries as possible with their latest products.

LG Electronics head corporate Marketing Foreign Service & traffic operations Hari Krishna Elluru said LG is a globally leading brand in TV, Refrigerators, Air Conditioners and mobiles phones among host of others. “As a leading brand whatever we manufacture or produce, those products are socially and environmentally friendly. In the last two to three years we have developed products that consume less energy and give better outputs. For example we have come up with a direct drive technology, this will consume less energy and use more output and it is socially and environmentally friendly.” He added that the reason to open a new brand shop is to ensure there is a range of LG products to give more choice to customers in The Gambia. He said their TV products start from 32 inch TV and ends up at 98 inch TV. He said LG has a very good relationship with Mr Fady and the MFH Group; “ Fady has made lots of effort to ensure LG is the leading brand in the country”. On whether LG is considering making their products little bit cheaper for this part of the world, he said they are seriously working on that and step by step they would reach their target.

Author: Abdoulie Nyockeh special report