Let’s strictly control our guns

Thursday, April 04, 2019

In the wake of the recent unfortunate land dispute involving the communities of Gunjur and Berending, which led to the shooting to death of Buba Jammeh, there is need for stricter control in The Gambia.

On January 9th Police discovered a consignment of guns at the Banjul Seaport belonging to GACH Security Company, a private security firm.

Well, the news was greeted with widespread condemnation and criticism from all corners as to the security of the citizens given the dangers of guns if they fall into wrong hands.

Soon after discovery, The Gambia Police Force launched a two-month investigation into the matter that concluded that the proprietor of the company was innocent of the act on the grounds that the said weapons were indeed meant for hunting. The Gambia government should restrict the issuance of license to any potential importer to instead focus on other consignment like food stuff.

Hunting! what are they going hunt when the country’s flora and fauna are fast being exploited. Once upon a time The Gambia was rich in fauna and flora habitat. That is the not the case today, giving the fact that the country’s once-thick forest is being exploited for both economic and other uses. 

Now that that consignment of guns was approved to be for hunting, calls for more surveillance. The surge in violent armed robbery in the country is a cause of concern.

There is need for the National Assembly to come up with strict gun controls giving the earlier mentioned case, where a local gun was used to take the life of an innocent soul. Gun violence isn’t just about the guns, but it’s about it impact on society. Those licensed to keep guns must abide by the rules and regulations governing firearms operations.

Since the arrival of that gun consignment, public opinion has shifted toward modest measures aimed at reducing gun violence. And the debate on firearms regulations is bound to be an issue in the coming years. We thus called on government to put in place strict measures to curtail its potential damage on the communities.

“Yes, people pull the trigger - but guns are the instrument of death. Gun control is necessary, and delay means more death and horror.”

Eliot Spitzer