Let’s make a crime-free nation!

Thursday, July 11, 2019

The recent surge in violent crime in the country such as armed robbery and murder is a cause of concern. It also calls for rethink and not to allow criminals take our new democratic dispensation for granted. In our Today’s edition, we ran a story in which one Kebba Secka, a resident of Kotu in the Kanifing Municipality and a final year student of the University of The Gambia (UTG) was reportedly stabbed, resulting to his death on Tuesday night around the busy Palma Rima junction.

Though, it was not clear who is/are the perpetrators, many pointed fingers to people who claimed to be personnel of the Drug Law Enforcement Agency, The Gambia (DLEAG).

However, the spokesperson of The DLEAG, Ousman Saidybah has told this medium that their preliminary investigation so far reveals the contrary. But what is clear is that this ugly episode is indeed sad and reminds us of the need to double efforts to ensure that the country is crime-free. The Gambia has already made a name for itself on the international stage as a peace-loving nation. Thus, let’s all join hands and work towards cementing that good reputation among the community of nations.

It is important to ask this cynical question, why mass influx of foreigners from our West Africa? Interestingly, it is because The Gambian is a shining example when it comes to the warmth and hospitality of its people. On arrivals at its shores, visitors can easily reconnect why it is truly call- The Smiling Coast f Africa.

Of course we need not reiterate here that in every human society, there exist principles by which the people operate, conducting themselves in line with some specific moral norms and values. In this modern era, nation states are guided by a supreme document called the constitution.

Also, the crucial point to note here is that the role of the state is to administer justice among people who manage their own affairs. This clearly shows that every individual has some form of freedom, but that freedom must not encroach upon the freedom of others. One’s right to survival must not encroach upon another person’s right to security.

Remember that where your right ends, is where someone else’s rights begins!

“Punishment is not for revenge, but to lessen crime and reform the criminal.”

Elizabeth Fry