Let’s give a helping hand

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Since the announcement of the death of five people and 8000 victims caused by the recent flash floods and windstorm that struck the country, especially in the rural areas, we have been seeing an array of emergency relief and support to the affected communities from people of all walks of life across the country.

While the ordinary people are doing their best to help in consoling the disaster victims and meeting their needs, the highly placed people and statesmen and women in the society are also rendering some substantial support to the victims.

The latest in rendering this support is philanthropist Turo Darboe and co, who have donated food and other essential items worth more than D1 million to the flood victims in Kuntaur.

This follows the step of President Adama Barrow, who over the weekend donated about 500 bags of rice and D50,000 towards the school in the area.

A similar helping hand has also been extended to flood victims by political party leaders like Mamma Kandeh and private sector members including financial institutions and other firms in the country.

Precisely Guaranty Trust Bank Gambia Limited and Trust Bank Gambia Limited have done pretty well in this regard giving some invaluable assistance to flood victims.

Although this could be just for emergency situations, it means a lot to the affected people who are highly in need of such items and support.

However, while this support is good, we should be looking at tangible ways of solving the problems of disaster prone areas to avert such severe disasters from occurring and destroying lives and property in the country.

In the first place, communities should be adequately sensitised on precautionary measures to avoid being hit by rain floods and windstorm.

People should also be advised to avoid making settlements on waterways. Proper drainage facilities and waterways should be developed by the communities to minimize any damages on houses and settlements by the rain floods and other harsh weather conditions.

Our farmers should also protect their farms and guard against farms and residences being flooded by the heavy downpour of rains.

Meanwhile, the trending of the support has been appeasing, hence making it necessary for others to emulate the sharing spirit.

We therefore profoundly commend all those who have so far given a helping hand to the disaster victims.

“Put in place proper mechanisms to avert preventable disasters.“
The Point