Let us help this gov’t do it right: Nana Grey- Johnson

Wednesday, May 09, 2018

Nana Grey-Johnson, the dean of the School of Journalism and Digital Media of the University of The Gambia has challenged journalists to help the Adama Barrow led government do it right, advising that they must not take their job lightly.

Mr. Grey-Johnson, a journalist and a writer made these comments as The Gambia Press Union (GPU) commemorates World Press Freedom Day at the University of The Gambia’s Auditorium in Knifing last week.

“By all means, look at all the loopholes in the system, let us help to clean them out, let us help this government do it right and in the process, let us also sharpen our widths, sharpen our pens so that we can deliver,” he said. “It is that  responsibility note that I would like to leave here; that as journalists, do not take your job lightly, as a reporter, do not take care lightly, because that is the foundation that will give you the authority to call yourself a member of the fourth estate.”

Seen as one of The Gambia’s finest writers and most eloquent of speakers of the English language, Mr. Grey-Johnson said the day was to encourage the Gambia Press Union (GPU) to see what they are doing as the umbrella body of journalists.

Mr. Grey-Johnson, who was a former minister of Information, Communication and Infrastructure said: “We will look at what we are doing at the School of Journalism and also with   collaboration, bring quality to the product that comes out on to the street that represent us as media people.”

“Many a time, journalists have been accused of insufficient quality production, partisan and lack of objectivity in their reports.”

What we say on the radio, what comes out of our presses, he argues, are the things that represent us when “we are not there; when accusers will accuse us and we are not there to answer.”

Author: Sankulleh Gibril Janko
Source: Picture: Nana Grey-Johnson, Dean of School of Journalism and Digital Media of UTG