Let doctors end the strike

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Issued: Tuesday 27 March 2018

 It’s is self defeating to put personal interest before national interest.

The doctors’ strike would be historic putting into account what warranted it and also weighing its effects on the lives of Gambian people. It’s not our business to suggest whether it’s right for them to go on sit down strike or not but history has the potency to talk about them for generations.

What is certain is that the minister’s comments were regrettable and she had apologised, period. She is rendering her service to the nation and she will forever earn that respect as a Health minister.

Over the past two decades, our Health Sector has been grappling with so many problems but nobody was dare to talk about them. It’s evidence that during those trial and tribulation moments, the press had had the most practice, but yet even to get information on the condition of anonymity for public consumption was incredibly hard. All what everybody wanted to portray was the good image of their institutions.

Now with this so-called new found freedom and democracy, everybody is trying to put first their personal interests above public and are determined that those interest are either heard or they determine their own destiny.

If this continues, that is what will kill us. Comments can be made – maybe good or bad; encouraging or hurtful, but we have to come to our senses and see how best we can forge ahead with national interest superseding whatever.    

 We therefore urge our own brothers and sisters in the Health Sector to resume work for the sake of the nation and its people.

“Put  your Country and its  people’s interest first before selfish interest  .”

The Point