Leket Bu Barra presents victory flag to Baddi Jaiteh

Friday, January 26, 2018

King of Gambian arena Leket Bu Barra on Wednesday 24th January presented his victory flag over Manduar to Baddi Alpha Jaiteh, a Kanifing Municipal Council (KMC) Mayoral aspirant who supported him prior to the bout. Leket was accompanied by a high powered delegation to Mr. Jaiteh’s residence in Bakau.

Speaking to reporters shortly after presenting the flag, Leket expressed delight with Mr. Jaiteh’s support despite the short period of their knowing each other.

The Gambian wrestling champion highlighted that wrestling requires support as Gambian wrestling does not have sponsors. He said Mr. Jaiteh’s kind of support is what they can bank on as sports is not easy particularly wrestling.

He said the preparation for a bout requires lot of money and could even go to the extent that at the end of the bout, they will not have any money left. He thanked his fans for their support and also urged them to rally behind Mr. Jaiteh.

He said he is ready and waiting for any wrestler he is paired with, saying if he is given a bout every month he will take it.

  For his part, Baddi Alpha Jaiteh described his support to Leket as a small one and said he is pleased that Leket appreciates it.

Mr. Jaiteh, who is the second vice president of Bakau Sports Association, said football is not the only sport. With the growth of wrestling and also as a fan of wrestling in the country, he deems it fitting to chip in.

He said he is ready to continue working with Leket Bu Barra, saying if he is elected Mayor, his priority will be sports. “KMC has neglected the mini stadiums within the municipality to the extent that they are all destroyed. Any time our players play a game, the next day they will not be able to walk because of the bad conditions of our mini stadiums”, he stated.

He also revealed plans to sponsor wrestlers to participate in international competitions when elected Mayor.

Author: Cherno Omar Bobb