Leket Bu Barra brawls Hoyuntan for Royal crown

Friday, December 14, 2018

Leket Bu Barra will battle it out with Hoyuntan for the Royal wrestling combat crown this Sunday 16 December at the Independence Stadium in Bakau.

The winner will take the King seat, stick, crown and a flag named after Lamin Dampha, according to Alagie Morr Jobe, organiser and chief executive officer of Ala Promotion.

The grand combat is described by many wrestling enthusiasts in the country as the clash of the Titians. Both wrestlers are undefeated after recording eight fights each in their previous wrestling contests.

The bout is expected to attract thousands of wrestling fans across Greater Banjul Area and its satellite areas. The grand combat will also feature eight other bouts. Kunat Junior of Club Roots will take on Begui of club Banjul Japoo. Oldaru Bai will entertain Papa Sowe and Jordan will fight with Bullal. Malick Nyang will clash with Chart and Bebe London will meet Zoss and Reg Reg will lock horns with Bebe Balla while Sura will brawl with Swedes.

According to the organisers, VIP tickets are pegged at D1, 000 covered pavilion,  D400 uncovered Pavilion und uncovered pavilion D200.

Author: Fatoumatta Komma