Last witness testifies at Faraba Commission

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

On the 27th of August 2018, at the Laico Atlantic Hotel, Chief Inspector Paul Gomez, a police officer that was marked the last witness at the Faraba Commission said that he was not involved in the Faraba incident that occurred on the 18th of June 2018.

Chief Inspector Gomez said that the reason for him going to Faraba on the 18th of June was because one Lamin Njie, a driver with the police called him in the morning to inform him that the fuel in the car was exhausted.

Gomez further explained that he bought the fuel at Brikama and gave it to OC Cham to give it to the driver, LaminNjie.

He said he was also on board with OC Baboucarr Cham. Gomez added that on getting to Faraba, he alighted at the Field. But OC Cham proceeded with the vehicle and took the fuel to Lamin Njie, the driver.

“I was in civilian cloth; I could not join other officers during the confrontation.“

“I distanced myself from the scene because I was not in police uniform. I also tried to get to Lamin Njie,the driver but I could not get the chance to.’’

Gomez further explained that his driver Lamin Njie managed to leave the scene by using another route.

Gomez added that he saw Lamin Njie driving the vehicle coming from another route where he said he joined him in the car.

He added that later on, he saw the PIU officers leaving the scene. He explained that most of the PIU officers had sustained injuries during the confrontation between the angry youths and the security.

Gomez said that was the time he asked Njie to drive back and take the injured PIU officers to Kafuta Clinic.

He also added that some of the injured officers were later discharged and some were referred to Banjunlinding and Kanifing clinics in which he said that he footed their bills till they were discharged.

The chairman of Faraba Commission of Inquiry Emmanuel Daniel Joof, who also confirmed that the public proceedings have been concluded and they were compiling the final reports on recommendation which he said will be presented to the president.

Author: Mamour M. Mbenga & Awa Ndiaye