Lasperr to brawl Bato in wrestling combat

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Lasperr of club Bakau Gom Sa Bopa will fight with Bato of club Banjul Terminal Mbolo in a grand wrestling combat this Sunday, at the Serrekunda West Mini Stadium.

The combat will attract wrestling admires from Greater Banjul and other part of the country for the weekend decisive fight. Lesperr and Bato are both preparing physically and mentally for their weekend contest staged by Salam Promotions. Tickets for contest is pegged at D 100 for ordinary and VIP D200.

Other combats to be held before the big contest are:

1. Chat (Ama Academy) VS (Chat Tallinding Japo)

2. Passport (Serrekunda Gom Sa rew) VS Bris De Merr (Nyaha Jairinu)

3. Bebe Sanghai (Transport Union) VS Ramdan (Ham Sa Chossan)

4. Sinyel (Ebo Town Mbolo) VS Boy Joal (Jabang Mbolo)

5. Big So (Ham Sa Chossan) VS Euma Saine  (Bundung Kai Bakh)

6. Tapha Tin (Mara) VS Lichen (Ndongo lo)

7. Gui Gi (Serrekunda Mbolo ) Vs Denu (Brikama Mbolo)

8. Bala Gambia (Gambia Police Force) VS Bala Star (Tallinding Mbolo)

Author: Fatoumatta Komma