Lang Conteh did not say the truth, Amadou Samba tells the commission

Friday, November 17, 2017

Amadou Samba yesterday told the Janneh Commission that Lang Conteh did not say the truth when he said in his testimony that the management of Kairaba Beach Hotel was transferred to him under the directive of the former president.

He said he did not sign anything in relation to Kairaba Beach Hotel, further stating that he had nothing to do with Lang Conteh.

Mr. Samba posited that he was dealing with Baba Jobe, adding that he had never sat with the former president, Lang Conteh and late Baba Jobe together.

He testified that Baba Jobe appointed him as chairman, further indicating that he never discussed the hotel with the former president, Lang Conteh and Baba Jobe.

Mr. Samba told the commission that Lang Conteh was acting like a “God” and that he was the Foreign Currency manager at the Central Bank.

He adduced that he had never dealt with the Foreign Currency Office at the Central Bank; adding that the former president never involved him when he was doing things.

Mr. Samba posited that he introduced one Peter Smith to Baba Jobe.

He said that from the beginning, he knew that it was intended to transfer Kairaba Beach Hotel to the former president.

He disclosed that Baba Jobe considered him (Amadou Samba) his brother.

He denied that he represented the former president in the acquisition of properties that were on sale at the Sheriff Division, adding that he was just acting as a middle man.

Mr. Samba disclosed that the former president purchased 47 properties and he had submitted documents to the commission in relation to the said properties.

At this juncture, a list of properties purchased by the former president, which was prepared by Mr. Samba, was tendered and admitted as an exhibit.

Mr. Samba narrated that he did not know the source of funding for the purchased of the properties, further noting that the properties were paid for in cash.

He stated that he negotiated for the purchase of the properties on behalf of the former president, saying further that Ida Drammeh and Salieu Taal were the solicitors for the purchase of the properties.

Mr. Samba informed the commission that he knew through one Ahmed that Mariam Jammeh Trust was created.

He was reminded that D6, 432,700 was spent on a water tank on the instructions of the former president, and he confirmed that the money was paid to him.

He said that it was the former president who asked him to find a quotation for a water tank, but he insisted that the quotation should be in the name of Kanilai Farm.

Mr. Samba adduced that he never expected that funds came from SSHFC for the purchase of the water tank.

He testified that the former president said he was going to pay 50% for the purchase of the water tank and SSHFC would pay the other 50%; that was not his business.

He said he did not owe his success to the former president, further stating that the former president was a dictator and a mad man.

Author: Dawda Faye
Source: Picture: Amadou Samba