Land dispute hits Berending, gov’t urged to intervene

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The community of Berending in Kombo South District, West Coast Region has called the government of The Gambia to intervene on the current land dispute between their community and Darboe Kunda family of Gunjur before things spin out of hand.

Speaking to this reporter recently at the village, the alkalo of Berending village, Arfang Sanyang, said the land they are currently settling on was given to them by the villagers of Kartong and not Gunjur Darboe kunda as claimed by the latter for the past years.

‘’We are in this case with Gunjur Darboe Kunda since 1982 and let me inform you that the land was given to our forefathers by one Buluwa Sanyang over 200 years ago, who was a herdsman,’’ he said.

Sanyang called on the government to urgently intervene in order to avert feature trouble between his community and Darboe Kunda family of Gunjur.

One of the village elders of Berending, Yaya Drammeh and the youth leader Lamin Tamba, both said they wanted no trouble between these two communities, justifying  that is why they are calling on the government to intervene urgently.

Further shedding light on the issue, Amadou Sambou, 72, and a resident of Kartong, said the land in question belongs to Kartong community and not Gunjur as claimed by some residents of Gunjur.

Sambou indicated that the people of Gunjur are trespassing on them, noting that the law of the land must be respected at all times.

He also called on government to intervene in order to avoid trouble.

According to him, the community of Kartong gave the land to Berending because then; their herds of cattle do destroyed their farming products.

When contacted for comment, the alkalo of Gunjur, Alhaji Giki Darboe, said the land in question belongs to Darboe Kunda family of Gunjur and not Kartong.

For his part, Dembo Darboe explained how they gave the land in question to Berending.

‘’I totally deny that the land Berending is currently settling on belongs to Kartong. Let me tell you that one of my forefathers by the name Draman Darboe was the one who gave the land to Nfamara Buluwa Sanyang of Berending by then I was not even born,’’ he said.

Author: Sheriff Janko