LailatulKatmiya: Night of Sheikhu Tijani Celebration

Friday, November 10, 2017

Lailatul Katmiya in honour of the grandest Sheikh, Sheikhu Tijan of Fes, Morrocco, founder of the Tijania Brotherhood for Allah’s most dedicated worshippers across the globe was commemorated on Tuesday 7 November 2017.

The night was in remembrance of ‘Katmiya’, the highest and biggest laurel that Sheikhu Tijan got in his high-profiled decoration from Allahu, ‘our Creator crowning him’ as the Lord’s most celebrated Man of God and Man of Light on Earth ever.

The Diarratul Biwatakawa of Tallinding was the organiser of this noble as well as memorable day.

It started at 6.00pm at Tallinding, at the junction heading to Taire Jobe’s residence.

Sheikh Ebrahim Ndow, Muhammed Ndow and Sheikh Tijan Jasseh presided over 5th edition of the celebration of the high-profile gift that Sheikhu Tijan received from the Creator.

The day also falls on the Muslim date of Safar 19th, 1439. 

Author: Sainabou Dodou Kujabi-Njie