Lack of potable water hits Sare Nfally community

Monday, November 13, 2017

The community of Sare Nfally Village in the Lower Fulladu West of the Central River Region South has been hit by lack of access to clean drinking water in village. 

The village is reported be one of the oldest settlements and has a population of over four hundred inhabitants.

Speaking to this reporter at the weekend, the Alkalo (village head), Bokarr Leigh, explained that his community has been suffering for the lack of access to clean drinking water for some years now.

He said people suffer a lot, especially the women who would travel about five km in search of water in the nearby villages.

Mr. Leigh also stated that there are local wells that the community is managing at the moment but the water was not hygiene to drink, adding that currently his community is desperately in search of clean drinking water, which is basic to their health.

He lamented that without clean water it would be difficult for one to purify himself or even to perform ablution to pray.

Mr Leigh also explained that sometimes women have to scramble for water, adding that they would wake up very early in the morning to search for clean water in a nearby village.

He also cited among other hosts of concerns, the lack of horticultural garden in his village, saying that the community is seriously in need as this year’s rainy season was very poor.

He said the women need to venture into horticultural activities to at least earn a better living for their family.

The village head appealed to the Ministry of Water Resources and its line department, as well as the relevant authority to ensure that they enjoy access to clean drinking water in the village.

He also appealed to the Ministry of Agriculture through their agricultural projects such as GCAV and FASDEP to come to their aid in assisting them with horticultural garden as the community, especially the women are ready and commitment to embark on horticultural activities.

For her part, Penda Jawo, who spoke on behalf of the women expressed grave concern about the difficulties especially, what the women are facing in search of access to clean drinking water.

She said this is a major concern to them and called on the Government, philanthropists and well wishers to come to their assistance and help them with a borehole and garden for the women.

In a related development, the officials of Penny Appeal visited the said village to see for themselves so after the visit they promised to come up with solutions as the community is urgently in need of help. 

Author: Abdoulie Nyockeh