Kunting Basic Cycle School reacts The Point article

Wednesday, October 09, 2019

Kunting Basic Cycle School in Central River Region’s Sami District has reacted to The Point article that was published in September, in which our regional correspondent interviewed parents of grade nine students who said they were disappointed about the bad performance of their children in their 2019 examination.

The School said it is worried about the article, saying there were several mis-representations in it. In the article, it was reported that out of 23 candidates, only 2 of the students who sat to the examination had passes and got admission mark to Armitage High School while all the rest failed but the School had corrected that 21 pupils sat to the examination and 6 pupils had passed or had government pass mark, 7 had aggregate 43-49 and 8 got 50-54.

“It was alleged that the syllabus were not completed. Yes, others were not completed but we have conducted study classes for grade nines from January 2019 to their final exams including our normal duties,” the School said in a letter sent to The Point on Monday.

The school said the article was not only confusing but also very hurting and painful and can have long lasting impact on the performance and even future enrolment into the school. “It was alleged that teachers were not punctual and regular in school but our time and attendance book can verify that. It was alleged that there were continuous quarrelling in the school. There was little quarrel here and that is to ensure effective teaching and learning in the school.” 

They also argued that there are abundant core text books and every student was given all the required books.