Kulukochi Anti-Malaria Marathon gets financial assistance

Friday, May 04, 2018

Gunjur Kulukochi Youth Development Association have received a financial assistance of 12, 700 dalasis from Gunjur Youth Development Association as support to their forthcoming annual Anti-Malaria Marathon race.

The assistance was presented to the Association by the Gunjur Development Association’s public relations officer Fatou Janneh.

Mrs. Janneh said Gunjur Youth Development Association was formed to support youth and the community’s development, adding that they have spent over one hundred thousand dalasis for the renovation of Gunjur Health Centre.

Chairman of Gunjur Kulukochi Youth Development Association Lamin Jassey thanked sports journalist Famara Badjie for his contribution towards the success of the anti-malaria marathon since its inception four years ago.

Badara Njie Bajo, president of Gunjur Youth Development Association lauded Gunjur Kulukochi Youth Development Association for organizing the anti-malaria marathon race.

Author: Lamin Darboe