Kotu Senior School Press Club visits The Point

Friday, March 15, 2019

A total of 45 students as members of Kotu Senior Secondary School press club, Monday visited The Point, first-hand on how newspaper story writing and production is conducted and the challenges journalists face in the field.

They were received at the daily newspaper by editor-in-chief, Bekai Njie and his staff and later held a discussion where students asked some questions on story writing and newspaper production.

An ex-student of the school Omar Faye said majority of the students in the press have the passion for journalism which motivated their visit. He said the press club was established in 2013 to help train students on news writing and presentation.

The students also visited GRTS and QTV, where they were introduced to the newsroom and other areas of interest to help them know the different media outlets operating in the country.

Mr. Faye said he never had the opportunity to present news before the school assembly during his schooling days because the press club was not active.

Jariatou Kandeh, finance secretary of the press club said, she has passion for journalism since her junior school time and has been inspired by some media personnel such as Fatoumatta Ceesay of GRTS.

According to her, she joined the press club to improve her writing and public speaking skills, adding that they sometimes do conduct interviews and write stories.

Ms. Kandeh said due to her active performance in the club, she was able to build both her public speaking and writing skills. “As an aspiring journalist, I interact with journalists in the country to develop and build my intended journalism carrier.”

 Point’s editor-in-chief Bekai Njie told the students that if they want to become good journalists, they must have passion for the job and read avidly.

Mr. Njie also urged the student to take the press club seriously if they want to be talented journalists in the future.

Momodou Jawo, an investigative journalist with The Point  explained to the students how he started writing reports for newspapers during at his secondary school level.

Author: Fatou Bojang & Sanna Jallow