Koina Youth: Gov’t urged to address caste problem

Monday, April 15, 2019

Muhammed Touray, a youth at Koina village, Kantora District, Upper River Region, has urged the government to address the ongoing caste problem in the country to avert problems in future.

“There is a lot of caste problem currently ongoing in the country and I can emphatically make it clear to you that the recent problem that occurred at Koina was triggered by one Musa Krubally. He Krubally was the one that left his compound and came to Gumaneh Kunda and attacked them,” he told our reporter in an interview.

Touray also accused Mr. Krubally of wearing a T-Shirt with an inscription: ‘Gambana’ in Sarahule language meaning, we are all equal while entering Gumaneh Kunda. He added a fight occurred and that one Morro Gumaneh whose name was mentioned at the police station was not part of the problem in contrast to what was reported earlier.

“Krubally entered Gumaneh Kunda with the ‘Gambana’ T-shirt, saying that we are all equal. He was advised to stay from such vibes as Gumaneh Kunda was not interested in the so-called slaves-and-noble issues.”

Mr. Touray added that when Krubally did not heed to that advice, he was approached by one Ansumana, leader of the ‘talibs’ at Gumaneh Kunda and forced him out.  “Ansumana took Krubally outside of the compound but he refused to leave and later came back, which eventually led to a fight between them.”

 “To our surprise, Krubally and others mobilised themselves and attempted to attack the Gumaneh Kunda people, but unfortunately, they were overcome by the people at the Gumaneh Kunda.

He added that their motor bike was destroyed by small boys but not the previously accused person.

Author: Momodou Jawo