KMC new office complex costs over D23M

Monday, June 04, 2018

Kanifing Municipality Council (KMC), Friday unveiled its new office building complex and town hall whose construction cost 23.65 million dalasis.

Officials say the building complex and town hall would go a long way in providing conducive working environment that will motivate staff to increase productivity and enhance operation. They said it would also raise the Council’s image and status.

The office complex is expected to house all the council staff including Office of the Mayor, the chamber and meeting rooms. The construction contract is awarded to Appropriate Technology Construction (ATC) and is expected to be completed in ten months period.

Mayor Talib Bensouda said Gamworks has been an instrumental partner of the council, saying, “They have contributed immensely towards our national development goals. In 2017 and 2018, they conducted up to 100 million dalasi in projects in Kanifing which went a long way in easing the transportation constrain of our residents.”

He said the new building will be symbolic to anyone visiting the Council and will go a long way in easing staff need, improve staff productivity and ensure efficient services delivery.

Mayor Bensouda added that they are coming with more projects and they are committed to that cause. “We will come out with projects that will improve the Gambians standard of living. Gambia does not have to be developed through institutions like Gamworks; its development should be done by Gambians and be sustainable.”

Permanent secretary No.2 of the Ministry of Lands and Regional Governments, Fatou Bittaye-Darboe said her ministry has been collaborating with Gamworks in the development of local authorities, saying some council and ministry staff were trained on leadership, financial management and financial accounting among others.

PS Bittaye-Darboe emphasised the need for quality work, saying it must be considered in the contract. “Even though time limit is given to you but we are expecting quality work and we are not going to compromise that.”

Gamworks’ managing director, Ebrima Cham, said after completion, the complex will provide conducive environment to staff, noting that the contract was awarded to ATC Company due to its track record of successful completion of projects for Gamworks.

He said the complex is funded from the Rural Infrastructural Development Projects; a 40 million dollar Gambia government project financed by the OPEC Fund for International Development.

The objectives of the project, Cham added, is to implement infrastructure projects identified and requested by councils, municipalities and communities throughout the country. “There is also a capacity building component to provide technical assistance and provide training for local government authorities.”

Acting chief executive officer of the council, Salama Njie, said they are currently confronted by issue of office space, saying most of the staff are in very discomfort areas and the environment is not conducive.”

She said the project is part of an 83 million dalasi package which the government secured through the Rural Infrastructural Development Project. “As a council, we are task to pay counterpart contribution of about D7.6 million dalasis and of which we already managed to pay D6.6 million dalasi.”

Author: Momodou Jawo