KKCDA gives D25, 000 to Bundung inferno victims

Monday, April 09, 2018

The Boro Kanda Kasse Community Development Association (BKKCDA) on 4 April, 2018, came to the aid of Ganis Kunda family in Bundung after their belongings were all consumed by fire.

The association came to the rescue the affected family by donating them D25, 000.

The fire outbreak destroyed food items, cloths, furniture and a cash amount of D90, 000, among other household belongings of the affected families, living them in a state of destitute.

In line with their objectives to help members and people in dire need, BKKCDA stepped in as a result to help the family recover from their horrible experience which went away with all their house belongings.

Presenting the cash, Hamidou Juwara the president of Association sympthatised with the victims over the incident and called on them to take it in good faith, adding that they are pleased to help the victims as it is part of their mandate to help out people in need.

In receiving the donated cash, Madam Oumu Cham, speaking on behalf of the family thanked Allah that no life was lost, and expressed gratitude to the BKKCDA for the gesture.

She said this was not the first time BKKCDA has been coming to the aid of people in need. She added that they supported victims during the last raining season flood incidents that affected Bundung borehole communities in KMC and in the Boro Kanda Kasse village in Upper River Region.

She further appealed to government, individuals and philanthropists to come to their aid, because the inferno left them in a critical situation.

Omar Ganis, head of the family described the incident as painful. “We have a family of 13 and everything we own was consumed during the incident,” he said.

He thanked BKKCDA for the help, and prayed for the association’s longevity.

Author: Madi S. Njie