Kitabu Comedy Group receives of D10, 000, music equipment donation

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Gambia Talents Promotion last Friday made a cash amount of 10, 000 dalasi and a black magic ultra-studio mini recorder to a Gambian comedy group called, Kitabu Comedy Group for a song in which the group raised awareness on the alarming situation of irregular migration (‘backway’).

Receiving the donation on behalf of group at The Gambian Talents Promotion premises, Katabu Fatty, head of the group commend the donor for the gesture, saying “keep it up does not fill pockets,”  but support is needed to help the country’s comedy industry moving.

He said acting and singing are part of development and they cannot develop without the support of Gambians to representing. “We must love own and not to underrate our people for other countries. Let us appreciate what we are born to do. Having talents does not mean we should make people laugh and remain poor; that is not fair.”

Mr. Fatty also appealed to the government to support them; saying entertainers have a big role to play in the New Gambia through civic education and awareness creation because they can dramatise situations for the society to understand better. He thanked The Gambian Talents Promotion and all the believers of the Kitabu Comedy Group for their support. 

Fatou Samba, country coordinator of Gambian Talents Promotion said they are a non-profit organisation specialising in talent promotion and awareness creation through social media, followed by 100,000 Gambians both at home and abroad.

She said the donation came after the comedy group request for assistance from them to open a fund raising account to upgrade their production equipment. “This is not the first time we are giving such assistance. After the demise of our legendary musician Musa Afia Ngum, we raised D70, 000 to help maintain the legacy by helping his family through a concert.”

Ms. Samba said their mandate is to promote Gambian talents especially in the acting industry for their contribution to socio-economic development of the country. She said Kitabu and his group are very talented and they at The Gambian Talents Promotion could not just watch them continue to struggle to educate and entertain.

Sheikh Omar Sawaneh, an actor and chief executive officer of Fandema Theatre and Film Production said such support to Gambians actors is something they have been crying for. He thanked Gambian Talents Promotion for the donation and appealed to others to also come on board and support.  “It is high time for us to know that film production and film making is a serious business. It equally contributes to the socio-economic development of any nation. It is time for The Gambians to give the film industry its share of the national cake”

Siaka Fadera of National Centre for Arts and Culture highlighted his institution’s commitment to empower Gambian artists. He said Gambia’s Ministry of Tourism and the tourism department will always do their part to support actors and actresses.  “We need the support of everyone. Nothing should discourage you from showcasing your talents.”

He said there is currently a cultural policy review in which artistes’ situation is critically considered.  “Creative industry all over the world has contributed greatly to socio-economic development. I hope that before 2022, Gambia will have the most sophisticated theatre complex.”  

Author: Rose Zahra Gomez