King of Gambia’s arena ready to defend crown

Tuesday, November 27, 2018
The current King of Gambian wrestling arena Leket of Barra has met with his opponent Hoyuntan of Kunkujang in their first public face-to-face (war of words) at the Serrekunda West Park organised by Ala Promotion; one of Gambia’s biggest wrestling promoters. As hundreds of fans gathered to watch the two most renowned Gambian wrestlers, the two didn’t shy away from showing their dancing skills. The wrestling bout is dubbed as the royal combat and Leket of Barra is ready to defend his royal crown while Hoyuntan rose through the ranks and says he is ready to dethrone him at all cost in a well heated war of words. Both wrestlers spoke their minds in terms of the level of their preparation and what each is intending to do to the other. Leket holds a 100% record, with 8 combats and 8 victories records. Hoyuntan is also with 8 combats 6 victories and 2 nil records. With this rich records for both wrestlers, every wrestling fan would love to see firsthand, who first touch the ground and taste will defeat on 16th December at the Independence stadium.
Source: Picture: Leket Bu Barra Fatoumatta Komma