King Colley voted as Combined Security Sports Association prexy

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Police Assistant Commissioner Lamin King Colley has been elected unopposed as the president of Combined Security Services and Agencies Sports Association for the next four years.

King Colley was elected at the Association’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) held on Saturday at the Joint Operation Centre.

Harriet Ndow was elected first-vice president, Abdourahaman Shabazz Sanyang as second-vice president and Lamin Fadera as third-vice president. Habibulai Jeng was elected Secretary and Sainey Fofana as assistant Secretary.

Dawda Jatta was elected treasurer, Bakary Fatty as assistant treasurer and Masaneh Fofana as auditor. Alhaji Badji was elected Public Relations Officer.

The five co-opted members are:

1. Ousman Bah

2. Lamin Opa Keita

3. Bintou Jaiteh

4. Yaha Colley

5. Amie Jabang.

Combined Security Services and Agencies Sports Association was formed by nine institutions namely, Gambia Police Force, Gambia Armed Forces, Gambia Immigration Department, Gambia Civil Aviation Authority, State Intelligence Services, Drug Law Enforcement Authority, Gambia Revenue Authority, Gambia Prison Services and Gambia Fire and Rescue Services. 

Speaking to delegates after the election, King Colley applauded everyone for electing him unopposed to run the affairs of the association for the next four years. Colley promised to deliver to expectations.

He urged everyone including members of the outgoing committee to come as a team to ensure the association attains its desire goals. 

Author: Lamin Darboe
Source: Picture: The newly elected president Lamin King Colley