Killing of Musa Colley inflates tension in Brikama

Monday, July 02, 2018

A 20 year old boy, Musa Colley was allegedly beaten to death by three other boys in Brikama Wellingara on Friday. 
According to eyewitnesses, Musa Colley went to see off his girl friend and on his way back, he was attacked by three boys, which resulted in his untimely death.

The alleged killers have been arrested by the Brikama police. Few hours later, a mob of angry boys stormed the Brikama Police station in a vendetta to also kill the alleged killers who were already in police custody. According to a senior CID officer who spoke on condition of anonymity, “the mob, mostly young boys who worked with late Musa Colley are asking us to let them kill the alleged killers who are already in custody.”

Consequently, these angry youths took the law into their own hands attacking and vandalising the police station with stones and sticks. Shattered glass of broken windows could be noticed all over the place.”

‘’The family got the information on Saturday morning that Musa was found dead on the highway, we all went to confirm while we met the young boy lying on the ground with his forehead seriously wounded and his face covered with blood,’’ said Lamin Colley a biological brother to the victim’s father.

‘’This is bad news to the family and we are waiting for the police to conduct investigations and bring those responsible to justice,’’ he explained in tears.

According to one eyewitness, Fatou Suso alias Mundow said a girl came to visit Musa at home around 9 p.m. on Friday night where she said that the girl came and met Musa sitting on the verandah, then the girl together with Musa went inside the room where Musa was living.

While Fatou Suso was on her way about to go to the shop she said that she left both Musa and the girl in the compound.

Later the following morning, Fatou explained that they received news of his death; that he was killed during the time he went out at night while he was accompanied by the same girl, the witness narrates.

The deputy police spokesperson, ASP Foday Conta told The Point that the victim was reported dead by the residents of Brikama in the early hours of Saturday that Musa Colley was found dead on the side of the highway.

Mr. Conta explained the information gathered from the eyewitnesses revealed that the victim was coming from Joko Night Club Brikama with his girlfriend. As they reached around the Jah Oil Petrol Station, the victim hit one of the truck which was parked on the roadside and then had a confrontation with three men that were in control of the truck.

According ASP Conta, an eyewitness said that due to the fight between Musa and the three men it led to his death.

ASP Conta said the Police invited Musa’s girlfriend before an investigation panel while the three suspects namely: Alasana Bah, 36, Abdoulie Jallow, 18, and Edrissa Jallo an adult, who are currently on detention at Brikama Police Station and are helping the police in their further investigations.

According to a youth advocate in Brikama, Coach John Ndure, the elders of Brikama led by one Demba Ara Sanneh joined the police commander in the dialogue with the youths, who eventually calmed down”. Mr Ndure emphasised that this has nothing to do with politics and no one should put it in that context. “This kind of thing happens everywhere in the world, but what is important here, is for Gambians to showcase restraint and leave the law to take its course”, he stated.

Dembo Ara Sanneh, a native of Brikama and a member of the Brikama ‘Bulunda” (council of elders) said only dialogue is the weapon for peace and you can see that we have succeeded in calming the tension.

Abdoulie Bojang, also an eyewitness warned the authority to ban Brikama Joko Night Club ‘since this is the breeding ground for criminals.

Meanwhile, the Ecomig commander in The Gambia has deployed their men in Brikama police station for protection.

Mamour M. Mbenga and Momodou Jawo contributed to the reporting of this story.