Kerr Omar Saine to remember village founder

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The Founder of the North Bank prominent village of Kerr Omar Saine will be remembered by relatives and the villagers this month.

Omar Saine was a well-known Muslim who hailed from the Wollof kingdom of Sine, Senegal but later migrated to The Gambia to found Kerr Omar Saine village, named after him following directives of the path he set on worshipping Allah.

Omar Saine was a gifted man with barbing as his area of specialisation which he did for the then kings of the Wollof States of Senegal including Ladior who was his friend before his relocation to The Gambia.

The man later became a profound follower of the Tijaniyaa Brotherhood and became very close to the Nyassen family of Medina Bai, Koalack which warranted Sheikh Ebrahim Nyass’s constant visits to the village that has all its inhabitants as Talibeh’s of Mawlana Sheikh Ebrahim Nyass who said during one of his visits to Kerr Omar Saine at a grave site that the people of Kerr Omar Saine were buried at the site as pure Muslims.

The preparation for the annual Ziarra of Kerr Omar Saine is currently in high gear. Alhagie Mustapha Kebbeh of New Jeshwang, one of the village elders and others are responsible for the preparatory work of the event that brings over hundreds of people together at the settlement on March 30th.

Author: Sainabou Dodou Kujabi