Kerr Jarga HamHamleh Women group of Jokadou seeks support to enhance skills acquisition

Friday, October 06, 2017

The Executive Committee Members of Kerr Jarga HamHamleh Women group of Jokadou have hailed the Njawara Agricultural Training Centre (NATC), under the Global Environment Facility of the United Nation Small grant for providing them with  energy efficiency cooking stoves, woodlot and tree nursery.

The group focused mainly on tie & dye, batik, sewing, environmental protection and soil conservation practices, aimed at boosting food production and productivity.

The overall objective of the Community-Based Organisation aims to empower women to effectively participate in socio-economic development, through livelihood development, and to contribute to poverty reduction.

Mariama Gaye, President of Kerr Jarga Jobe HamHamleh Women group applauded women and development partners for their immense contribution to livelihood skills development and food diversification, as well as value added chain to enhance income.

She noted that the intervention of Njawara Agricultural Training Centre with energy efficiency cooking stoves has contributed immensely in promoting health of women and girls.

Madam Gaye said the initiative of providing them with community woodlot and energy efficiency would contribute to mitigate climate change and resilience-building.

She then lauded Njawara Agricultural Training Centre for building their capacity on maize-processing and value chain addition, with the view to enhancing diversification and increased nutritional uptake.

The group leader used the occasion to appeal to development organisations and institutions to support them with capacity development on entrepreneurship, marketing, lobbying, networking and equipment.

Bai Jassey, secretary to the group thanked Alieu Cham for providing 100 x 100msq land for the establishment of community woodlot to contribute to restoration of forest cover and ease fuel wood collection and provision of other building materials in due course.

The establishment of woodlot and planting of 236 trees and donation of 105 energy efficiency stoves have contributed immensely to improve the health of women and girls.

He said building partnership and networking with institutions and NGOs remain high on the agenda of Kerr Jarga Jobe HamHamleh group to enhance and harness skills that can empower women to acquire life skills development and contribute to poverty reduction.

The secretary, Jassey applauded NATC for creating more public awareness on climate change and resilience-building.

He commended the women for their unflinching support to the adult literacy programme, provided by the then Community Skill Improvement Project (CSIP) under the Department of Community Development.

 The programme empowers women to have the ability to write and read in Wollof, he said, adding that since the project phased out, the community has been able to sustain an on-going literacy class.

Ramou Saine, Skill Trainer at Kerr Jarga JobeHamHamleh group, said women are trained in food-processing on maize, coos and groundnut to promote value chain addition.

She said Kerr Jarga Skill Centre has provided numerous training for women in the village on tie & dye, soap-making, batik, among others. Madam Saine noted that since the establishment of the centre in 2005, the group has a membership of 106, (which includes 20men and 86 women).

It has also fostered greater understanding and cooperation in enhancing skills acquisition and self-reliance.

The executive members used the moment to launch an appeal from NGOs and institutions to provide them with vegetable garden to boost nutritional supplementation and income.

Author: Yai Dibba