Keneba community embarks on mangrove planting

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

The Department of Forestry, in collaboration with the community of Keneba village in Kaing West in the Lower River Region recently conducted mangrove planting at Keneba.

The exercise, which aims to protect the environment from climate change, showed that the community planted 2 million mangrove, supported by the department of forestry.

Speaking at the event, the head of Participatory Management at the Forestry Department, Cherno Jeng, said Kiang Keneba is a community that has a forest management committee, hence they have a very good forest.

They have their own community forest and they also embark on the restoration of forest by planting junior and tree pieces, he said.

According to Mr Jeng, for the past 3 years, they have been protecting their community forest from bush fire and illegal activities.

He said the forest encompasses different ecosystems both plant and animal species, and was all due to their commitment and dedication in forest management and environmental conservation.

He stressed that over the years, they also started restoring their mangrove along the river bank, adding that Keneba Youth Association has great concern for the environment.

The regional forestry officer in LRR, Lamin Sawaneh, thanked the forestry department for organising such an event for the community of Kiang Keneba.

He said for the past 5 years, the community has been engaged in mangrove planting and some other trees species, especially in their community forest.

He said mangrove protects the marine area from the effect of climate change and other species, adding that mangrove play a very important role in terms of rice production due to stylization in their rice field.

He advised and urged the youth of the community to continue with their commitment because without them the development could not take place.

Tijan Ceesay, a native of Kiang Keneba, thanked the department of forestry and also the youth of the community.

Madam Nemuna Ceesay, the chair lady of the village also said mangrove planting could help them just like rice and salt production.

 She appealed to the department of forestry, NGOs and the government to help them with some materials for their salt production.

Author: Yai Dibba