Kembujeh Ward advocates creation of Land & Agriculture Commission

Thursday, January 10, 2019

People of Kembujeh Ward in Kombo Central are advocating for Gambia’s new constitution to cater for a provision that would support the creation of a Land and Agriculture Commission. 

During the Constitution Review Commission’s (CRC) consultation meeting with them on Monday, the women said they are farmers and live within the labour of their hands, saying the land and agriculture commission should be the first sector to be considered in the new constitution as agriculture is the main driver of the country’s economy.

Jalika Ceesay, said the new constitution should support them to protect their farmlands and Gambians to patronise their products.

“Our gardens are not properly fenced and we do not have good access roads, storage and market facilities. So the proposed agriculture commission will help to solve some of these problems, not just us but the entire farming population,” she said.

One Ebrima Manneh said The Gambia is losing its forest cover and other natural resources, suggesting that there should be a provision in the new constitution that would protect them. “Just look at our surroundings here in Kembujeh and other villages; we are losing all the trees and good farmlands,” he lamented.

Commenting on other issues like the death penalty, Mr. Manneh said it should be revoked and be replaced with life imprisonment. He said free education is not the solution to the country’s education sector, saying the entire policy should be changed.

Alagie Bojang observed that prisoners should not participate in presidential elections, but argued that the position of alkalolu and chiefs as traditional leaders should be maintained. “Governors should be elected by the people,” he said.

He added that Central Bank governor and Auditor General should be nominated by the president and scrutinized by the National Assembly for before appointment.

With regard to qualification for Presidency and National Assembly, the people of the ward said that the candidates must have at least a university degree.

Author: Fatou B. Cham