Keep it up NAWEC!

Friday, June 08, 2018

After a year and months of frustration with the poor performance of the country’s energy giant-NAWEC,   its managing director has finally affirmed their resolve to provide a 24-hour electricity supply throughout the country before year’s end.

 The fact that the institution has gone through a very rough transition; Gambians have gone out of patience and on several occasions vented their anger over how the energy giant was operating. The recent news of a 24-hour electricity supply across the country would no doubt be greeted with euphoria in all corners. 

 Electricity supply is critical in the development of any nation and when a nation’s electricity improves, it investment improves, which in turn pave way for booming businesses. Over the past years, many businesses in The Gambia could not meet their expectations, as a result of poor electricity supply.

Poor supply of electricity had in numerous occasions discouraged foreign investors, making the Smiling Coast stripped of its advantage of being an investment hub within the sub-region. But with this encouraging news from the NAWEC’s end, the prospect of micro-economic investment could be very high in the country.

  “We went through very challenging moments from 2017 to early part of 2018, but we have been very focused in making sure that we improve on our services. And now we have gotten to a stage where we have achieved stability. We have always been working towards that,” NAWEC’s Managing Director Baba Fatajo said.

The prospect of frequent electricity supply seems convincingly very high when Mr. Fatajo pointed out that the power generation they have is been able to meet the demand and they have more than enough capacity in relation to demand.

We are with the view that when things go as promised by officials of the NAWEC, the country’s entire investment prospect would be promising as employment opportunities will be high for the young people. We therefore encourage NAWEC to keep up the good job and always keep communicating with the public.

“Well done is better than well said. Keep up the good work spirit.”

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