KAPS to train youth on leadership, public speaking

Friday, July 20, 2018

Kids Academy for Public Speaking (KAPS) is an academy established to mentor kids especially school-going students to become better leaders, debaters and public speakers in the country. The academy recently held its first meeting on the way forward at a ceremony held at Lemon Creek, Bijilo. Headed by dynamic students of the University and The Gambia College, the organisation is aimed at guiding and mentoring kids between the ages of 12 to 18 in the areas of debate, leadership and public speaking.

Chief Executive Officer of the Academy, Omar Saibou Camara said the organization aims to enhance the public speaking skills of children as well as to assist them to develop good leadership and debating skills.

This, he added, would help them to build good careers in the future. “Coming up with this idea doesn’t mean that this organization belongs me, it belongs to everybody.” he added.

He urged members to take up their rules and see to it that the organization achieves its aims and objectives.

Amadou Ceesay, Secretary of KAPS, said the academy is a non-profit academy, geared toward helping young people especially school going children in The Gambia who are interested in the art of public speaking as a career.

The organization, he added, shall organise camp for school going children across urban and rural Gambia, saying during the camp, kids in rural areas would have the opportunity to get firsthand information on important matters relating to public speaking.

At the meeting, a draft constitution detailing the rules and regulations of the academy was discussed to guide on modalities, procedures and activities of the academy.

Author: Fatou Bojang