Kanyi implicates Yankuba Touray and FJC

Monday, March 04, 2019

Alagie Kanyi has disclosed that Yankuba Touray, one time APRC mobilizer and former minister of Local Government and Lands and member of the AFPRC junta and Fatoumatta Jahumpa Ceesay, former speaker of the National Assembly in Yahya Jammeh’s government asked him not to mind the activities of Truth, Reconciliation and Reparations Commission (TRRC).

Alagie Kanyi made this disclosure whilst testifying during the Commission’s sitting last Thursday, 28 February, 2019.

Alagie Kanyi told the Commission that he was called by Yankuba Touray and asked if the TRRC had called him and urged him to come forward to testify before the said commission.

The witness further told the commission that during their conversation, Yankuba Touray told him to forget about the TRRC.

“Don’t mind them, forget about them they cannot do you anything,” he said were Yankuba Touray’s words.

The witness also told the Commission that Fatoumatta Jahumpa Ceesay, one time speaker of the National Assembly also called him on the phone and asked him not to mind the TRRC.

The witness denied knowing or having any relationship with Fatoumatta Jahumpa Ceesay, but expressed dismay as to how Fatoumatta Jahumpa Ceesay got his telephone number.

Alagie Kanyi who testified that he played a major role in the massacre of November 11, 1994 soldiers and confessed to have participated in the gruesome murder of Ousman Koro Ceesay, former minister of Finance in the Jammeh government apologised to Gambians particularly the victims’ families.

He admitted that he is guilty and cannot sleep and he is always fasting and praying for forgiveness, adding that he is wrong in his deeds.

He apologised and asked Jarankas to forgive him after he confessed to have participated in the murder of Lt. Basirou Barrow, Lt. Lamin Darboe and Sgt. Basirou Camara.

He described Lt. Edward Sighateh, Lt. Sana Sabally and Lt. Yankuba Touray as undesirable elements that used and destroyed him.

Alagie Kanyi disclosed that he joined the Gambia National Army to defend the country and not to kill his own fellow Gambians.

He indicated that Edward Sighateh used to give him alcohol to drink once the latter observes him.

The witness said he decided that in December 1997 he was going to leave the army, and he did everything so that he would be dismissed from the army as he was no longer himself.

He cited an incident where he was involved in theft at the Officers’ Mess but he was punished and demoted.

He said in December 1997, he left the army and in January 1998 he surrendered all army materials in his possession to the army.

He said he is now restless as he cannot sleep whilst he is haunted by his past deeds.

The Commission’s lead Counsel, Essa M. Faal advised all and sundry not to take the law into their hands and indicated that the witness, Alagie Kanyi, did the right thing by appearing before the commission to testify and confess his deeds.

He urged other perpetrators to emulate Alagie Kanyi and do the same.

He warned people not to tamper with witnesses as they could be charged for contempt of court.

“It is about time that we start doing things properly and not live in the Jammeh type of government,” he remarked.

Author: Bruce Asemota